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Abhay Rao


Abhay is our chief strategist and content creator. He builds campaigns, products, tools and functions with the sole focus of enhancing customer experience and engagement.


Operations Manager

As an Operations Manager, Neha ensures every protocol, strategy, and service offering at Brokers4Homes is implemented in the most effective and efficient manner possible.


Administration Manager

Kim works as the communication heart of Brokers4Homes. She coordinates, schedules and oversees all interactions between Brokers4Homes and its various verticals.


Area Sales Manager

Our regional expert for the Western Suburbs, Bhavesh assists Brokers4Homes in training new recruits and signing up with new projects in the region.


Area Sales Manager

Bhupendra specializes in providing clients with the best affordable housing options in the Extended Western Suburbs and helps builders connect with the right customers through our campaigns.


Area Sales Manager

Siddhesh, our Western Suburbs expert, can don many hats at one time. He is adept at understanding a client’s requirements and working in tandem with associates.


Area Sales Manager

Siddhanta liaisons with customers, vendors and builders within the Navi Mumbai region, and guides affiliates on how to service clients effectively.