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Brokers4Homes strives to provide personalized real estate management services that will change the broking experience in India.

This Privacy policy forms a part of the Terms of Use and should be read carefully with the same. Please note that upon registering with us, you agree to the provisions of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

With this Policy, we aim to inform you about the information we collect, use and share, to ensure you have the smoothest realty experience possible.

We only collect a certain amount of information that is relevant and required by us in order to find you the best product or service that will cater to your needs. We need this information to ensure that we find the right people for you to buy, sell or rent from/to as per your specific needs.

Any information collected by us is not given away to any third party. However, we may use this information to contact you to better understand your requirements and communicate with you while we transact together.

Information We Collect and Use   

We share the information on your property requirement with our associates, in good faith, if we believe it is required to provide you the service of finding the best property options. We share your personal information like phone number and email with our associates only upon your consent and when we believe that they can offer suitable services to you.

Personal Data: On registration, certain information like (Name, Email and Phone number) is required. Alternatively, you can either use your gmail or facebook account to log in and the same details provided there will be used.

Cookies : To provide a personalized service, our servers automatically record certain information such as your IP address and save certain data on your system in the form of cookies. If you do not wish to have these stored, you may change the settings of your browser to warn you or refuse cookies, as you prefer. It is important to know that the information stored on the cookies is only that which you provide, such as your username and password and there is no storage of card details in the process. It is fully encrypted and does not read any information off your system

Location Data : The location information you provide during registration will be stored and associated with your profile. 

Sharing of Information

Any personal information will be used to allow you to login to your account or to resolve specific service issues, inform you of our new services or features and to communicate with you in relation to your use of the Website. Any other information we collect will be used for-

  • our business purposes and this may include the viewing or advertising of residential real estate, rental properties or to use associated services;
  • analytical purposes, data usage;
  • improving the Website, or your user experience; and
  • providing targeted advertisements to you.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information (Non-PII) :  is information that cannot by itself be used to identify an individual person. Non-PII includes information received from the web browser, operating system, or device, including such things as information about the browser and browser settings, information about the operating system or device, the unique identifier assigned to a device, the web address of a web page visited, the name or type of mobile app, the time and date a web page or app was visited, the address of the referring web page, and other information about a web page or app. It could also include the number of times a particular browser or device has been shown a particular ad, or it may include generic categories about users and their interests (for example, “gentleman flat buyer”). Non-PII also includes information about the precise geographic location of the device, which may be collected when the user of the device permits such collection. 

Use of Non-PII : In order to provide and improve our Services and to share relevant ads with you, provide interest-based advertising (to opt out of interest-based advertising on the Platform, go to the Opt Out section below), show ads in a particular sequence, customize ads to a particular geographic region, determine when users respond to ads and reporting aggregated statistics regarding, for example, the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns we use and disclose to our advertising and analytics partners Non-PII that we collect, including cookie data, some log data, and mobile data.

The user may CLICK BELOW to opt out of tracking Non PII on all our online properties.

Opting out of tracking on our services through this link inserts a cookie on the user’s browser. We rely on this cookie to identify an opted-out user. We will not be able to identify an opted out user, if the user

  • Clears the cookie from his/her browser,
  • Uses a different browser, Or
  • Uses a different computer

We will discontinue tracking activities for an opted out user. This means that we will not track an opted out user’s behaviour or display customised ads to the user. However, an opted out user may be able to view suggestions by us pertaining to marketing, branding or promotional campaigns.

Opt me out

Information of a general nature may however be revealed to external parties
As a rule, we do not share any personal information provided by you to any third party other than in the following situations:

Consent : Information will be shared with those outside the company if we have your prior consent.

Compliance : We may disclose your personal information if it is necessary for the purpose of national security or enforcing any law, notice, regulation or enforceable government request. We may also share information when it is appropriate in order to ensure compliance with our policies, terms and conditions, to protect our rights or property; to protect the safety of our users; to address fraud, security, or technical issues; or if we reasonably believe that an emergency involving immediate danger of death or serious physical injury to any person requires disclosure of communications or justifies disclosure of records without delay.

Change in company : Any reorganization, sale, merger of the company or any significant event that may require a transfer of information shall not be subject to your prior consent. User-Generated Content :  You will be solely responsible for the information you share while using the website such as posting questions or comments that are readable by other users. I

Security Measures

We give prime importance to security of the information we receive. All such information is stored on servers secured behind a firewall and access to the same is limited. Most of our servers are encrypted using SSL and we have taken reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect your personal information. However, we cannot absolutely guarantee protection of your information.

As a user, we expect you to aid us in enforcing this security by ensuring you maintain the secrecy and accuracy of your passwords and overall account information. Please be aware that you are solely responsible for any activity performed by you through your profile and any personal data transmitted to a third party as a result of your actions is not our responsibility.

All information provided by users, will be monitored but not edited. Therefore, please be aware that any information you decide to post/publish/display on the site, for example in the form of comments, is at your own discretion and we do not account for the actions of other users of the site.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

Please note that this Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. An indication of the policy change will be displayed on the website. It is in your best interest to take note of these changes and discontinue use of the website if you do not accept any such change. Be rest assured that if ever we wish to use the personal information provided by you in a different manner than before, you will be notified and the same will be used only with your consent.

For any further help or inquires please contact us at